Sunday, December 14, 2014

Churches in Manila to Visit for Simbang Gabi

9 Churches in Manila to Visit for Simbang Gabi


'Simbang Gabi' (Night Mass) is a Christmas tradition of hearing mass for nine consecutive days, December 16 to December 24, and is widely practiced in the country by the Catholics. Also called 'Misa de Gallo' (Spanish for 'Rooster's Mass'), Simbang Gabi is traditionally held as a novena of dawn Masses, but Churches also have anticipated Masses held during the previous night.

This tradition traces back during the Spanish era as dawn Masses for the farmers before they begin their work early in the morning. Now, almost every Church (if not all) in Manila that celebrate Simbang Gabi have food stalls awaiting hungry parishioners after celebrating Mass--Christmas favorites such as puto bumbong and bibingka are made fresh and served hot, paired best with hot coffee and tsokolate. Another tradition practiced by many parishioners is to make a wish after completing all nine days of Simbang Gabi.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Themed Places that will Get You in the Holiday Mood this Christmas Season

10 Christmas-Themed Places that will Get You in the Holiday Mood


According to the unofficial Philippine holiday calendar, Christmas season has started way back in September 1 and will last until The Feast of Three Kings in January.

Feeling Scrooge-y even if it’s already the second of December? You might want to visit these Christmas-themed destinations to stir up the merry holiday feelings within you. The unique charm of these places is guaranteed to take the Grinch out of you.

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