Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Roadtrip Hidden Gems near Metro Manila

Destination Drive: 4 Roadtrip Hidden Gems near Metro Manila

Living in the concrete jungle that is Manila, with a work schedule allowing you to barely breathe (and the urban smog that often gets in the way of fresh air), can often turn your stressed out hardworking self craving for a quick escape -- the easiest solution being a short roadtrip to anywhere exciting to refuel yourself with new and interesting experiences that will boost your mood. For the veteran roadtripper, though, not just any destination will do. After all, frequent daytripping from Metro Manila has lead travelers to stick to their 'tried and tested' mainstream cities -- which leads to everyone and their grandmother's dog going to the same getaway places all the time.

A little change is good once in a while, and discovering hidden gems while others go through their same old roadtrip itinerary is always exciting. Ready to go off the beaten track? Round up your travel buddies and fuel your wanderlust by exploring these three underrated destinations just a short roadtrip away from Manila.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Visit The Philippines: A 2015 Backpacking Guide to Experiencing Paradise

Visit The Philippines: A 2015 Backpacking Guide to Experiencing Paradise

With 7,107 islands, the Philippines is every traveler's dream not only to foreigners but to locals as well. From chilling on beaches, chowing down savory dishes, climbing mountains to just relaxing, there are a number of activities you could do in the country.

First up, where to stay? Looking for places to stay at these days aren't as difficult as it was back then. There are a number of online booking websites offering places to stay at affordable prices. Agoda for example has the cheapest offerings when it comes to hotel booking with discounts up to 75%. However, note that prices can change quickly so act fast when you want to book something.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Now Open: Z Hostel in Makati

Now Open: Z Hostel in Makati, The First Luxury Hostel in Manila and the Biggest Yet


A hostel stay in the metro doesn't have to mean sacrificing in amenities and comfort. For smart travelers, Z Hostel is something worth checking out (and checking into). With 30 rooms and 128 beds, this new Makati accommodation is considered the biggest and only luxury hostel in the Philippines.

Z Hostel translates communal living into a modern and friendly experience. Many solo travelers and avid backpackers choose to stay in hostels for two main reasons: they are budget-friendly, and usually run by (and accomodated by) sociable folk. It's a place where one can have casual, communal hangouts with fellow guests that indulge in their wanderlust, rather than a standard hotel's more formal, keep-to-yourself atmosphere. 

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