Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Travel to Coron, Palawan

Travel Itinerary: Coron, Palawan


Coron is a 689.10 sq. km. municipality in Palawan, comprised of eastern Busuanga island, Coron island, and a couple of scattered small islets surrounded by the West Philippine sea and Sulu Sea.
Blessed with plentiful white beaches, clear blue green waters, mangrove forests, lakes, and bountiful coral reefs, Coron has become a go-to destination for nature oriented-activities like snorkeling, diving, and island hopping.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

12 Essential Things To Do When in Metro Manila

Travel Itinerary: 12 Essential Things To Do When in Metro Manila

Metro Manila, also known as the National Capital Region, is the Philippines' central hub for culture, economics, governance, and trade. Sixteen cities and one municipality make up this dense urban region, which is now considered as the 11th most populous metropolis in the world.
Manila is also one of the main gateways to the Philippines. Ninoy Aquino International Airport connects domestic flights and serves as jumping point to the smaller airports in the country. If you're coming from abroad and are headed to the pristine beaches of Coron or Boracay, you'll be most likely stopping by Manila in between flights.

Whether you're in Manila for a prolonged layover or staying for a short break, make the most out of your visit by doing these quintessential activities every first-time visitor must do.

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